Florida court documents show major involvement of the infamous Liechtenstein law firm Marxer & Partner

What happened exactly?

In the late 80s, when Lord Luis Bacardi lawfully took 50% of his assets out of the Corniche Trust, the Contingent Beneficiaries sued him in Liechtenstein. The lawfirm Marxer & Partner represented the Contingent Beneficiaries in this fraudulent scheme (s. Screenshot). At first sight, it seemed they sued him out of greed. However, Lord Luis Bacardi won the heavy legal battle with ease.

Later one of the Contingent Beneficiaries replied to a Florida Court that it was manipulated by the other Contingent Beneficiaries and by a board director member of Bacardi Ltd (!) to gain control of the Bacardi Ltd. shares, which were bequeathed to Lord Luis.

The following passages of the Florida court documents stand for themselves: One of the Contingent Beneficiary (“The Petitioner”) was deceived by the other Contingent Beneficiaries and by a board member of Bacardi Ltd (“The Respondents”). Most disturbing the Petitioner confirmed that she was not represented by independent legal counsel!

Moreover, all of this devious deception, Marxer & Partner played the key role in the fake legal proceedings against Lord Luis Bacardi in Liechtenstein. 

Later Marxer & Partner switched sides and advised Lady Monika and Lord Luis, however not disclosing their earlier mandate on behalf of other parts of the family (Contingent Beneficiaries of Corniche Trust and Board Member of Bacardi Ltd) for many years and thereby concealing its massive conflict of interest.  Marxer & Partner despite the huge and irremediable flaws of the Bastille Trust were limited to Luis and Monika Bacardi's alleged interest in just having the Trustees replaced and Bernhard Lorenz appointed in the new Trustees Board. In addition, Bernhard Lorenz hastened in the first Trustees Meeting (after his appointment as Trustee of Bastille Trust; held on September 2009) to declare against all the evidence that the Bastille Trust was the rightful successor of the Corniche Trust.

All this although Bernhard Lorenz was a lawyer at Marxer & Partner from 1997 to 2007 and fully aware of the fact that Luis Bacardi had assumed ownership of the Bacardi LTD shares, which meant that the Bastille Trust's holding of the same shares constituted and still constitutes a breach of the compulsory inheritance in Monaco (a subject that had already been discussed and recorded in the minutes of the trustees' meeting of 22 February 2005 in the presence of Mudry, Walch, Wohlmacher and Silvani). The evidence and facts speak for themselves !