OPAQUE TRUST STRUCTURES IN LIECHTENSTEIN - Lady Monika Bacardi and her daughter Maria Luisa Bacardi fighting against Liechtenstein professional trustees

Lady Monika Bacardi and her daughter Maria Luisa Bacardi are victims of opaque trust structures in Liechtenstein. For more than a decade they have been trapped in a network of lies, legal tricks and self-vested interests of those, who they trusted!

They decided to step up their efforts and to untie their family heritage from Liechtenstein, a country that Lady Monika Bacardi's late husband visited only a few times in his life and always only to defend himself against deception and conspiracy but that is home to a considerable amount of his wealth, despite his will. Their efforts seem to have caused resistance by many who have much to lose, in this quest.

They firmly believe that what is well hidden behind paragraphs and legal arguments, is in reality an absurd and shameless attempt to take advantage of their situation, their family and their legacy. The legal cases are extremely complex, but in essence – it is simple to spot the dealings they are exposed to. We decided to go public with this information, so everyone can judge by themselves.

People near and dear to Lady Monika and Maria Luisa Bacardi

Endless Trail of abused Power of Attorney and Misconduct

Lady Monika Bacardi’s legal team has reconstructed in a massive forensic investigation the root of all the misdeeds committed against Lord Luis Bacardi. > Read more

Dr. Lorenz fails with attempt to shut Lady Monika and Maria Luisa Bacardi up

In September, the rogue Bastille Trustees applied to a Liechtenstein court to obtain an injunction to prevent Lady Monika and Maria Luisa Bacardi from commenting the case in public. > Read more


Various e-mail addresses of Lady Monika Bacardi are being targeted with irritating, sometimes even threatening, content. According to our sources IT-Forensics are trying to recover trails to find out who is behind a recent wave of anonymous messages. > Read more

Re-Surfaced Deed of Gift

After desperate attempts to receive the Deed of Gift, in which Lord Luis Bacardi gifts without any doubt his shares to his daughter Maria Luisa, the original document was finally retrieved from the archives of the trustees. This is further proof for the misconduct of the trustees and the nullity of the Bastille Trust. > Read more

Monegasque Inheritance law being plainly ignored?

After the passing of her beloved husband, Lady Monika had to deal with inheritance matters. Apparently, also the Trustees dealing with Bastille Trust were aware of this situation. > Read more

Bacardi LTD. Shares on wrong tracks

Sometimes the new finding is that there are none. To this day, there are no documents that justify a legitimate transfer of shares to the trust structures. > Read more

Florida court documents show major involvement of the infamous Liechtenstein law firm Marxer & Partner

Newly retrieved Court documents from Florida concerning a legal battle in a branch of Bacardi family reveal that the Liechtenstein lawyers of Marxer & Partner (Educational facility for Dr. Bernhard Lorenz as a young lawyer) took a major part in an attempt to harm Lord Luis Bacardi’s wealth. > Read more