WDR-Radio-Documentary: “Ex-tax haven Liechtenstein? – New rules, old burdens, good business”.

In January 2022, the German radio station WDR published an extensive documentary on the conditions of the Liechtenstein fiduciary system (KLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT):

“After strong international pressure, the Principality declared in 2009 that it no longer wanted to serve as a refuge for black money. Nevertheless, good money continues to be earned: from old, but also new assets that are attracted to the mini-state on the Upper Rhine.

The Alpine country between Austria and Switzerland is 25 km long and 12 km wide. It has fewer inhabitants than the city of Lemgo, but – statistically – one of the highest wealth densities in the world. The abolition of banking secrecy and the data comparison with European tax authorities in the course of the “white money strategy” has dealt a heavy blow to the classic business model of the financial centre. Nevertheless, the author encountered a trust industry that continues to flourish: it looks after about 18,000 foundations and trusts. Wealthy people from all over the world now legally avoid taxes, bring money into safety from seizure or ex-spouses or settle their estates here, which not infrequently leads to conflicts with heirs. Not least the debate about a higher inheritance tax and a wealth tax in Germany makes a “family foundation” in the hereditary monarchy attractive for some millionaires.”