The case of Harry Gstöhl

By far one of the most sensational cases is the case of the Princely Justice Council Harry Gstöhl. In addition to his decades in fiduciary work, Harry Gstöhl also held the highest judicial offices in Liechtenstein:

  • • President of the Administrative Court 1982-1992
  • • President of the State Court 1992-2004
  • • Liechtenstein representative of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe 2007-2017

He thus stood for the seriousness and reliability of the Liechtenstein financial center: in foundations and companies, he managed millions of funds from foreign and domestic customers, he invested the savings of his friends and acquaintances. The shock was accordingly great, as the result of investigations by the public prosecutor’s office showed that the former president of the Liechtenstein State Court and trustee is alleged to have embezzled up to 50 million Swiss francs.

He was sentenced to six years in prison for serious fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.[1] In a second court proceeding in autumn 2018, two years were added to his prison sentence.

[1] See