First domino has fallen – Major success before Bahamas court!

The supreme court of Bahamas has confirmed that the late Lord Luis Bacardi’s Baron’s Court Holdings Ltdhas been wrongfully dissolved and deleted.

This has to be considered a major twist in this complex legal proceeding as this vehicle played a crucial role in the inheritance procedures as majority of Lord Luis Bacardi’s wealth should be distributed via said structure to his heirs, namely his daughter Maria Luisa and his wife Lady Monika Bacardi.

Yet, the assets have fallen into untrustworthy hands of Trustees in Liechtenstein!

Faksimile Judgement

Therefore, the Bahamian court order the re-registration of the Baron Holding to the company register. This resurrection will allow the testamentary executors at that time to participate legal proceedings (like in Liechtenstein) to re-gain the assets and to bring them to the rightful heirs!

Air is getting thinner and thinner for the opaque Liechtenstein Bastille Trust and its Trustees.