WDR-Radio-Documentary: “Ex-tax haven Liechtenstein? – New rules, old burdens, good business”.

In January 2022, the German radio station WDR published an extensive documentary on the conditions of the Liechtenstein fiduciary system (KLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT): “After strong international pressure, the Principality declared in 2009 that it no longer wanted to serve as a refuge for black money. Nevertheless, good money continues to be earned: from […]

The case of Eugen von Hoffen

The Erich von Hoffen case is only too good evidence of a long tradition of delinquent trustees in Liechtenstein. Involvement of the highest circles, money laundering and widely ramified, interwoven structures, a pattern that almost all criminal proceedings, in which Liechtenstein trustees play a central role, have in common. Eugen von Hoffen is a dazzling […]

Critic of Liechtenstein’s Trust Law

Discrimination of Beneficiaries Unfortunately, the changes in the law do not touch the core of the problems of the Trustee Act. Beneficiaries of Liechtenstein trusts (trusts) continue to be grossly disadvantaged. The legal position of discretionary beneficiaries must be massively improved – similar to the foundation. They will in fact no party status in judicial […]

Money laundering through the steel door in Vaduz – the Klaus Zumwinkel case

The scandal surrounding the former chairman of the board of Deutsche Post, Klaus Zumwinkel, is becoming apparent just as foreign criminals are also using the Liechtenstein system for their base motives. This affair proves that the Liechtenstein financial sector does not take the possible regulations for suspicious money reports or “know your customer” rules too […]

The case of Mario Staggl

As the owner of the Vaduz High Society Bar Esquire, Mario Staggl was connected, not just within the fiduciary sector, but with the who-is-who of influential people in Liechtenstein and Switzerland as well. Without question, he is one of the most dazzling personalities among Liechtenstein trustees. But how could a trustee afford such a luxury […]

Is Liechtenstein threatened by an exodus of foundations?

“Settlors’ rights of intervention would only be half-heartedly observed, beneficiaries would be given meaningless information, and individual family lines would be favored for no reason. Foundations would even continue without beneficiaries, which essentially only provide income to foundation organs and advisors. Sub-optimal investment of assets also occurs. And even the courts would sometimes give cause […]

The case of Harry Gstöhl

By far one of the most sensational cases is the case of the Princely Justice Council Harry Gstöhl. In addition to his decades in fiduciary work, Harry Gstöhl also held the highest judicial offices in Liechtenstein: • President of the Administrative Court 1982-1992 • President of the State Court 1992-2004 • Liechtenstein representative of the […]