Flawed establishment of Bastille Trust confirmed by one of the Bastille Trust founding entities!

A Gamechanging event might have taken place recently. We have obtained information that one of the founders of Bastille Trust, after having a deep look inside their archives and reviewing newly surfaced material, has declared that the establishment of the trust should never have happened. The founding party declared that neither paperwork nor other valid […]

Re-Surfaced Deed Of Gift

After desperate attempts to receive the Deed of Gift, in which Lord Luis Bacardi gifts without any doubt his shares to his daughter Maria Luisa, the original document was finally retrieved from the archives of the trustees. This is further proof for the misconduct of the trustees and the nullity of the Bastille Trust. In […]

Bacardi LTD. Shares on wrong tracks

Sometimes the new finding is that there is none. Until this day, neither a contract justifying the transfer of assets or shares from Lord Luis Bacardi to a previous trust structure (Firstinvest/Primeinvest), from which the shares were transferred to the null & void Bastille Trust, could be found, nor could the trustees provide one. This […]

Florida court documents show major involvement of the infamous Liechtenstein law firm Marxer & Partner

What happened exactly? In the late 80s, when Lord Luis Bacardi lawfully took 50% of his assets out of the Corniche Trust, the Contingent Beneficiaries sued him in Liechtenstein. The lawfirm Marxer & Partner represented the Contingent Beneficiaries in this fraudulent scheme (s. Screenshot). At first sight, it seemed they sued him out of greed. […]