Check back regularly for exclusive breaking news stories on this hair-raising legal battle! Lady Monika Bacardi and her daughter Maria Luisa Bacardi are fighting against Liechtenstein professional trustees and their opqaque trust structures. The outcome of the legal proceedings will affect trust & wealth legislation in Central Europe for the next decade.

News on the Case

WDR-Radio-Documentary: “Ex-tax haven Liechtenstein? – New rules, old burdens, good business”.

In January 2022, the German radio station WDR published an extensive documentary on the conditions of the Liechtenstein fiduciary system (KLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT): “After strong international pressure, the Principality declared in 2009 that it no longer wanted to serve as a refuge for black money. Nevertheless, good money continues to be earned: from […]

Flawed establishment of Bastille Trust confirmed by one of the Bastille Trust founding entities!

A Gamechanging event might have taken place recently. We have obtained information that one of the founders of Bastille Trust, after having a deep look inside their archives and reviewing newly surfaced material, has declared that the establishment of the trust should never have happened. The founding party declared that neither paperwork nor other valid […]

The case of Eugen von Hoffen

The Erich von Hoffen case is only too good evidence of a long tradition of delinquent trustees in Liechtenstein. Involvement of the highest circles, money laundering and widely ramified, interwoven structures, a pattern that almost all criminal proceedings, in which Liechtenstein trustees play a central role, have in common. Eugen von Hoffen is a dazzling […]